Virtual Autopsy™ Training

Virtual Autopsy™ Training

” The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice! “

Brian Herbert and VAFS think alike!

Virtual Autopsy Training

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Virtual Autopsy Training Courses
You can choose to be competent with our Training and Skill development courses. VAFS introduces Virtual Autopsy Training Courses where we aim to enable and empower those who are professionally interested in using their knowledge and experience in any of the field of forensics to be able to apply it to the innovation and advanced Post Mortem Imaging technology.

VAFS short courses: (limited seats)

VizTouch™ User Course – 2 days
Virtual Autopsy™ Basic Course – 3 days
Virtual Autopsy™ Advanced Course – 5 days

We are continuously developing our course structure and certifications to benefit the participants.

VAFS are the Industry Pioneers in introducing this course in India and we are hoping to begin by the end of year 2022.