PMCT is a useful triage tool for decision-making whether an Autopsy is necessary!

What is Virtual Autopsy?

Virtual Autopsy™ or Non-Invasive Post-Mortem is an advanced visualisation technology in Forensics that enables to conduct Post-Mortem with no/minimal dissection. Body is scanned using a Multi-Slice CT scanner whose DICOM data is rendered using our software to provide a high definition visual of a 3D reconstructed body, ready for the Pathologists and Forensics Experts to perform a Non-Invasive Post-Mortem. Our specialisation will aid in VizAutopsy findings to determine the Cause of Death for investigative and judicial agencies for an effective delivery of judgements!

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Our Story

The plight of bereaved families refusing for a Post-mortem to be conducted on their loved ones is not unheard of irrespective of their religious or cultural beliefs.

Post-mortem imaging techniques was and is still practised in limited institutions in different parts of the world for conducting autopsies. However, they are limited to their institutions only.
To bridge the gap and identify the need to be available to all Forensic pathologists and the rationale to fulfil family wishes, led the scientist in us take the step to combine our knowledge and expertise in Biomedical and Forensics come together. With our Virtual Autopsy technology combined with the software, we are proud to introduce the Innovative Med-Tech post-mortem Imaging and provide Education that will enable and empower the forensic experts to perform a Non-Invasive or minimally invasive Post-Mortem. The software presents an in-built array of Forensic specific, user friendly navigation tools & pre-sets for greater accuracy with speed to establish the cause and manner of death.

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Virtual Autopsy™ is a division of Vizopsy Advanced Forensics Solutions Private Limited (VAFS) and is based in India.
VAFS is proud to be a part of ‘Make In India’ government led initiative!

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From 16 to 64-slice CT scan is able to give a better view of the size, shape and position of soft tissue structures than if simply using an regular X-ray. You will not need any higher than this. These slices can be as thin as a half a millimeter for finer image details. It will depend on available funds at your institute. 

No. Just like in a normal conventional Autopsy, samples have to be sent for Chemical and Toxicology examination. In virtual autopsy a minimal invasive image guided biopsy is used to extract blood samples which has to be sent for Toxicology analysis.

Virtual Autopsy Stats of more than 25,000 cases show that in 98% of the cases, the cause of death can be determined. Below are the highlights

  • Trauma
    • Motor Vehicle Accident
    • Gunshot Injury
    • Fall from height
    • Blunt trauma
    • And more
  • Pathology
    • Lung pathology
    • Brain Pathology
    • Heart Pathology
    • Abdominal Pathology

And more

With adequate training, Forensic Pathologist will be able to identify anomalies in the PMCT reporting, however a collaboration between the Radiologist and Forensic Pathologist will be useful.

Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, United Kingdom are some of the countries already practicing PMCT technology.

Complete on-site training to the Pathologists, Radiologists, IT specialists and Technicians will be provided by the experienced Virtual Autopsy Team & qualified PMCT Forensic Experts.

There are several advantages of using Virtual Autopsy Technology.

For the Court of law: Virtual Autopsy will be able to demonstrate in a simple, clear and non-messy way.

For the Medical Examiners: Virtual Autopsy takes less time and resources, the body can be returned very quickly to the grieving families, health and safety cover will be well looked after, multiple opinions will not require to exhumated remains if buried or delay in the last rites of the remains, and most importantly, the reporting will be tamper proof. The examiners will also be able to make a video recording while conducting the autopsy. This will again be valuable to demonstrate in the court of law.

For Ethical, Social and Religious beliefs: Virtual Autopsy promises to meet the needs of bereaved families for the loss of their loved ones and the humanitarian and religious beliefs by giving Dignity and respect to the dead. Humanitarian aspect will be very well demonstrated.

For Education: Virtual Autopsy can be used as a teaching tool where the students will be allowed to practice autopsies multiple times to learn the various artefacts that can assist in determining the cause of death.

The need of the hour during pandemic and Mass disaster is Managing the dead with maintaining protection from biohazard and infectious pathogens. The Forensic specialist will be able to carry out their function extremely well without being exposed to any health and safety challenges. They can quickly determine the cause of death, assist in identification, and release the remains to their loved ones.

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Complete training on Virtual Autopsy PMCT examination by our experts can help you identify and determine, Manner of Death and Cause of Death within minutes!
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Research in PMCT imaging proved to be superior over traditional autopsy especially for skeletal and vascular lesions!

Thousands of papers and scholarly articles published globally by academic and research scientists performing Post Mortem CT to establish cause of death.

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