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The plight of bereaved families refusing for a Post-mortem to be conducted on their loved ones is not unheard of irrespective of their religious or cultural beliefs.

Post-mortem imaging techniques was and is still practised in limited institutions in different parts of the world for conducting autopsies. However, they are limited to their institutions only. To bridge the gap and identify the need to be available to all Forensic pathologists and the rationale to fulfil family wishes, led the scientist in us take the step to combine our knowledge and expertise in Biomedical and Forensics come together. With our Virtual Autopsy technology combined with the software, we are proud to introduce the Innovative Med-Tech post-mortem Imaging and provide Education that will enable and empower the forensic experts to perform a Non-Invasive or minimally invasive Post-Mortem. The software presents an in-built array of Forensic specific, user friendly navigation tools & pre-sets for greater accuracy with speed to establish the cause and manner of death.

Our team of dedicated experts come with a wealth of experience in the sectors of Forensic Pathology and Sciences, Mass Fatalities and Disaster Management, Visualization Technology, IT Infrastructure, Training and Education to help you build and launch your own Virtual Autopsy Centre Solutions! Virtual Autopsy™ is a division of VizOpsy Advanced Forensics Solutions Private Limited (VAFS) and is based in India.
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Leverage Virtual Autopsy (VA) as the new normal and standard practice of conducting autopsies, keeping the sanctity of religious beliefs, and bringing closure to bereaved families.


To make Virtual Autopsy (VA) universally accessible across the world as the go-to technology for conducting autopsies. With VA we hope to establish a standard autopsy procedure that will help the medical agencies to clearly demonstrate their findings to the investigative and judicial agencies for an effective delivery of judgements.

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