Our Services

Virtual Autopsy™ can deliver a full turnkey solution to creating Centre of Excellence or collaborative support verticals for your Research and Training, we will help you all the way through in your dream projects.

Our umbrella of services includes –

Virtual Autopsy™ Lite
Virtual Autopsy™ Centre of Excellence
Virtual Autopsy™ Research Centre
Virtual Autopsy™ Training
Virtual Autopsy™ Consultancy & more!
Virtual Autopsy Forensics
Getting the right technical environment to the essentials of CT scanner our team of professionals will walk you through the path!

Talk to us of what you want to accomplish and we promise to provide you with the most fit solution.


We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advancing an agenda.

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Our Services

Infrastructure | Processes | Pathway | Training | Consultancy

Virtual Autopsy™ can deliver a full turnkey solution to enable your organisation to design, build and launch your own Virtual Autopsy Centre. Our expert team will provide consultancy services to assist you throughout the process. Subject to your requirements, we can provide:

the technical environment, in the form of software (3D/2D/MPR), hardware, CT scanner, data storage and visualisation capabilities.
the knowledge and expertise in the form of workflows, protocols, documentation, and training.


Virtual Autopsy™ Centre – Turnkey project to include design, construct/build, enable and equip
Virtual Autopsy™ Suite – Remodel existing redundant space within a building (hospitals)
Virtual Autopsy™ Mobile – Road trailer or fixed relocatable units

Expert consultancy services to establish a VIRTUAL AUTOPSY™ CENTRE

Feasibility study
Service integration
Project management
Workflows, protocols and documentation
On-site training
Technical support
Provisions for human resources (clinicians)
Virtual Autopsy™ 3D software environment powered by VizOpsy™
Virtual Autopsy™ hardware infrastructure
Virtual Autopsy™ visualisation platforms